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Pawn Information



A pawn is a collateral loan, or a loan based on the value of an item, the pawn amount or money to be loaned is agreed upon between lender and customer, their item is then taken into storage where the customer still retains ownership of the merchandise to which they have 4 months with a 10-day leeway period to redeem their pawn or pay off their loan in full to take out their items. If a customer doesn't pay interest or repay their loan within the time period, the merchandise will forfeiture to the Pawn Shop. If you can't pay off your loan at the time of the due date, you can always pay interest to extend the pawn for another 4 months allowing you to not lose your merchandise. We have a special promotion at Reeds Pawn-Mart that for all loans under $475.00 the first month is 0% interest whether to redeem or extend the Loan By 4 Months!!!



  • Pawn transactions do not impact credit

  • ​All interest is regulated by the state of California

  • We are required by law to post our interest rates & to notify our customers when their pawn is past due.


We Pawn with Style

When in desperate need of money and the banks can't help you out due to the amount being too low, you can bring any item of value to a Pawn Shop or small time lender such as Reeds Pawn-Mart to receive a cash loan. We will appraise ANY number of items for FREE, then offer you a percentage based on the items value while taking in account the amount you need, once agreed on a loan amount, provided a valid ID and Pawn or take a collateral loan on the item to receive top dollar cash. 

At Reed's Pawn-Mart, we provide our loyal customers with a broad assortment of ever-changing services. The only thing that remains the same is our customer service. We have helpful Pawn Brokers who are happy to assist you in whatever lending endeavor you may need assistance with. We try our best to ensure that your time, service, as well as the pawn loaning process with us is satisfactory and handled with the utmost discretion. We value your privacy, we are prohibited to disclose any information to anyone besides the  when present Contact us for all of your buying, selling or pawning needs!

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