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Make Some Money

Here at our Pawnshop, Reed's Pawn-Mart, we believe strongly in maintaining a "Stress Free" environment and we try to achieve that with all our customers in every transaction so you leave easier than when you arrived. We want to help you earn money! If you have old items you no longer want, electronics, jewelry, or collectibles, as long as the items have value and are in good condition you can receive easy fast cash today through our collateral lending services. We accept gently used, high-quality goods and pay a percentage to you on the spot of what the average value is. For every loan at Reed's you have 4 months to retrieve or extend the loan on your items, and for all loans under $475.00 the first month is 0% interest!!! We cherish all our customers, which is why we offer the #1 Highest loan prices in all of Los Angeles to best suit your needs and make the process a simple way to earn extra cash.

We don’t have limits on the number of items we accept — but for pre-owned items we only accept those in good condition. Our Pawnbrokers are experts at setting attractive and profitable prices. Downsizing has never been so attractive or as effortless! To find out more about our pawning policy to start earning money today!